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The following resources are provided to help our Vincentians fulfill their mission of serving those in need in Central Texas. Please note that these forms are subject to change. Please use the most current version of the resources below when submitting information  to the Diocesan Council Office.

Contact Midge for any questions regarding forms.

Annual Report

FY2015 Annual Report Conference annual reports have been updated for FY2015. Please review the information below in order to complete your conference’s annual report. Please contact Stacy if you have questions regarding changes to the annual report.

FY2015-AR-letter from Stacy 

2015 Annual Report for Conference_ATX (PDF)

2015 Annual Report for Conferences_ATX (WORD)


Narrative Page 1 – in preparation of the Annual Report Meeting  

2015 District Council Form Rev (WORD)

2015 District Council Form Rev (PDF)

Awards and Years of Service Pins

Awards and Years of Service Recognition are presented once a year at the Annual Feast Day Celebration.

Top Hat Award – Nomination Form

Years of Service Pins Request Form

Papal Visit Media Tools

The National Office has provided material for the Diocesan Councils to adapt and use in a way that will be most helpful.  While the material may not necessarily bring in new members, it can generate awareness and produce inquiries from people.

Bulletin Flier Papal Visit (Word)

Bulletin Flier Papal Visit (PDF)

SSVDP Bulletin Ad Papal Visit (Word)

SSVDP Bulletin Ad Papal Visit (PDF)

Bus Passes

Once per month, Cap Metro distributes discounted bus passes with Austin area organizations. To purchase bus passes through the Society, please submit the form below. For additional bus pass questions, please contact Midge.

Bus Pass Order Form

Co-Pays and Twinning

In times of need, our conferences can opt to assist other conferences in Central Texas, across the country, or all over the world through co-pays (providing funding focused on one specific neighbor’s needs) and twinning (providing funding to assist other conferences in the U.S. or abroad).

Conference Co-Pay Form
Domestic Twinning Form
International Twinning Form

Conference Presidential Election Guidelines

Conference President Election Process

Dental Assistance Program

Our St. John Neumann Vincentians offer a Dental Assistance Program. See the documents below for more details.

SVDP Dental Program Voucher

SJN Dental Assistance Program Process

Dental Patient Waiver

Dental Assistance Program

Disaster Assistance Report

Please use this form when requesting disaster relief assistance (monetary, HIB, or other needs) from the Diocesan Council. Forms are available in both PDF and .docx format for your convenience.

Disaster Assistance Request Form (Word)

Disaster Assistance Report Form (PDF)

Disaster Response Standard Operating Guide

This document has been crafted to guide conferences through disaster response protocol. PDF and Word forms are available.

SSVDP Disaster Response Guide (Word)

SSVDP Disaster Response Guide (PDF)


General Assembly 2016

If you were unable to join us for General Assembly or would like to review the material, we’ve posted the slides here.

2017 General Assembly

Home Repair Program

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides minor home repairs for our friends in need! Please see below for more details on how you can help make our friends’ homes more livable.

Home Repair Request Form 2016 (PDF)

Home Repair Request Form 2016 (Word Doc)

Home Repair Instructions – Updated 2016
Waiver to use with non-official Contractors

Invitation to Serve

At National’s direction and with the encouragement of the Pope Francis, we are asking all our conferences to consider offering an Invitation to Serve in FY 2016! We hope that we will be able to kick off the year with the support of new, enthusiastic Vincentians!
Invitation to Serve for Recruitment – English
Invitation to Serve Flyers in Spanish
Invitation to Serve for Recruitment – Spanish

Leadership Training

Handouts and Presentations from our November 1, 2014 Leadership Training at St. Thomas More.
2014 Leadership Training – Opening and Closing Prayers – docx
Self Development As A Leader with Christopher Kennedy – PPT
Leadership Best Practices with Christopher Kennedy – PPT
Society Administrative Mechanics with Stacy – docx
SVDP Diocese of Austin Council- Building Spirituality Within with James Davis – PPT
Handouts SA 102 Resources for Conference Spiritual Advisors with Deacon Paul – PDF
Handouts – SA 101 Conference Spiritual Advisor Formation with Deacon Paul – PDF

Other Resources

Why home visits?
Affordable Care Act – Insure Central Texas

Predatory Loan Conversion Program

As predatory loans continue to plague Central Texans, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and partners RBCFU are helping our neighbors escape crushing debt by converting high-interest loans into loans with an incredibly low 2.25% APR. For more information on participating in PLCP, please contact our Board Treasurer Matt.

Predatory Loan Conversion Program Fact Sheet (Updated April 4, 2014)

Vehicle Liability Form

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Diocesan Council of Austin recognizes the need and desire for some Vincentians to drive our friends in need/clients in personally owned and operated vehicles. By registering with the Council office, Vincentian volunteers can be official drivers and covered by the Council’s liability insurance policy. We are grateful and excited to be able to offer this option to our Central Texas Vincentians.

Vincentians who drive but have not registered with our office are in willful violation of the general policy allowing for volunteers to drive friends in need. Please note: registration PRIOR to driving a client is required to be covered by the Council’s liability insurance policy. You must submit a fully completed form prior to driving a friend in need.

SSVDP Vehicle Liability Form 2016


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