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The purpose of the Systemic Change Committee is to assist Conferences to positively impact the lives of the families we serve by adjusting and adapting the way we work.  By offering families in need more comprehensive services rather than merely putting a band aid on the situation (i.e.  paying a bill or handing them a grocery gift card) we can help them make permanent changes in their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

The Systemic Change Leadership Committee is a group of 11 who will be meeting on a monthly basis.  The purpose of this group is to guide the Austin Council in Systemic Change endeavors and serve as source of support for the Conferences as we move forward.

Members of the Systemic Change Leadership Committee are:

  • Diocesan Council Board President, Joleen Boyer
  • Diocesan Council Spiritual Advisor, James Davis
  • Diocesan Council Voice of the Poor Coordinator, Andy Vasquez
  • Diocesan Council Systemic Change Coordinator, Angela Gimbert
  • Interim Executive Director, Roz Gutierrez
  • Austin Central District, Jim Cullen
  • Austin North District, Kevin Sheehan
  • Austin South District, Hilaria Gonzalez
  • CenTex East District, George Caudle
  • CenTex North District, Open
  • CenTex South District, Mary Barrios

Our Conferences are out there on the front lines of poverty doing a great job every day.  But with a little thought, effort, and collaboration, we can do so much better.  We can lift up people who live in poverty by giving them the tools they need to succeed.  By implementing Systemic Change within our Conferences, perhaps those we serve will come to us, not for assistance; but, to help us assist their families, friends, and neighbors.  This will not be easy.  However, with all of working together we can do it.

This is POWERFUL.  We are POWERFUL.  And together we can reduce the number of people in Central Texas living in poverty, one individual, one family, one neighborhood at a time using Vincentian Principles and Power.

Angela Gimbert

Secretary, Diocesan Council of Austin


Please see below for reflections from our Systemic Change Coordinator, Angela Gimbert:

Systemic Change January 2017

Systemic Change December 2016

Systemic Change October 2016

Systemic Change September 2016

Systemic Change August 2016

Systemic Change June 10

Systemic Change May 13

Systemic Change April 8


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