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Revenues generated from the items you donate are used to help the needy in our community! The Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Diocesan Council of Austin has bricks-and-mortar thrift stores in Austin and Bryan.

Our Austin Thrift Store also will be supported by mobile thrift trucks. Our bricks and mortar still serves hundreds of families each year, but the model needs to adapt – poverty is changing as people are being forced out of the city center. We need to serve people where they live.

Picture an eye-catching, trendy, retrofitted UPS truck that opens up to display thrift items that change depending on where we are going. philanthropitch.mobile.truck

Our mobile thrift store only needs a staff member and driver.  Additional manpower will come from our local Society volunteers. Our trucks will come to them.  They know our customers and their needs.  Again, we serve people where they live.


The world is moving towards pop-ups, food trucks and home delivery.  Companies are serving us where we live.  Non-profits need to do the same.

Store locations:

Vincentian Family Center and Thrift Store
901 West Braker Lane
Austin, TX 78758


SVDP Thrift Store – Bryan
300 N. Main St.
Bryan, TX  77803