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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul exists to grow the spirituality of its members.  In service to those in need, Vincentians see the face of God.  Vincentians learn together, serve together, and pray together.  Through prayer and service, Vincentians strengthen their own spirituality and more easily share God’s love with the individuals they serve.


As you discern a calling to leadership in the Society, you may find these Vincentian Servant Leadership Prayers helpful. Vincentian Pathway – Servant Leadership Prayers


Please see below for a variety of reflections in Vincentian spirituality.  Spiritual Advisors, please feel free to use these reflections at your conference and council meetings.  Vincentians, these reflections are always appropriate for personal formation as well.   We hope you will find them to be fruitful and formative.

These meditations and reflections are written for the Glory of God and His people. Many have donated these works so that others may be expanded and stretched in their love of God and neighbor.

Unless otherwise noted, Deacon Paul has written the following reflections:

You did it to Me

New – We are Called to Mercy
Vincentian Reflection by Deacon Paul – Advent 2013
Advent Reflection 2013  by Andy Vasquez
Vincentian Reflection by Deacon Paul – Lent 2013

Get Your Feet Dirty

To Love as God Has Loved Us

Workers in the Vineyard

Widows Mite

Who is for us and Who is against us

When Funds are Low

What is your Status

Walking the Extra Mile


Tough Decisions

The Least Among Us

The Good Samaritan

The Eucharistic Mystery

Seeking the Good in a Person

Seek That Which is Above

Restoring Hope

Preparing for Holy Week

Prayer in Ministry

Pray for Your Enemies

Our Words defile us

Our Goal-Our Reality

Our Faith Can Heal Those Near Us