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Call to donate your car!

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul practices its principles by reaching out to the community and providing assistance to those who need help with the basic necessities of life, such as rent, utilities, clothing, food, and medicine.  The Texas Regional Vehicle Donation Program is a source of fundraising for the Society.

Accepted vehicles include: cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, and RVs. Proceeds generated by the vehicle donation program provide us the added ability to help even more of your neighbors in need.

By donating your vehicle (running or not) to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (a non-profit and tax exempt 501(c)3 charity) you are eligible for a tax credit based on the current IRS tax laws.  We send you all required IRS forms for your taxes. For additional IRS information: www.irs.gov , Publication 4303, Publication 4302

Your vehicle is picked up and towed at NO cost to you!


What types of vehicles are accepted?
Consider donating your car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, or RV. We accept running and non-running vehicles. The vehicle must contain all of its parts. The only type of vehicle title we cannot accept is a Salvage Title.
Do you accept non-running vehicles?
Absolutely! Every vehicle is towed, so a non-running vehicle is no problem for us.
What information should I have before I call or go online to donate my vehicle?
It would be helpful to have your title in hand when you call or complete the online donation form.
What happens after I submit my online donation?
You will receive a phone call from the Vehicle Donation Program to finalize the donation process. The call will take less than five (5) minutes to complete. Please have your title handy.
Who can I contact with questions about the status of my donated vehicle?
Please feel free to contact the Society of St. Vincent de Paul with any questions at 512-912-7575.
When will my vehicle be picked up?
Once the vehicle donation intake process has been completed, you will receive a phone call within two business days from a towing representative seeking your permission to pick up the vehicles and to make arrangements for a convenient day to do so. You decide what date is convenient for you.
Do I have to pay for towing?
No – there is never any cost incurred by our donors.
What do I need to do to my vehicle before donating it?
Please make sure that all of your personal belongings have been removed.
When can I cancel my insurance?
We recommend that you wait to cancel your insurance until the vehicle has left your property.
Where will my vehicle go?
Once your vehicle has been picked up, it will be towed to the nearest auction barn facility that works with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. It will undergo an extensive check in process and inspection, and then be moved into queue for the next auction date.
Do I have to provide my social security number?
Per IRS Publication 4303 – A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations, on page 3 the paragraph titled “WRITTEN ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR VEHICLE CONTRIBUTION DEDUCTION OF MORE THAT $500 – “ states that your name and taxpayer identification number is required. It also states that if the acknowledgement does not contain all required information the deduction may not exceed $500.
How much can I claim as a tax credit for my donated vehicle?
If the donated vehicle sells for $500 or less at auction, your acknowledgement will state a range of $250 or more, but not more than $500. If the donated vehicle sells for $501 or greater, your acknowledgment will state the exact amount it sold for at auction. [bg_faq_end]

Donate online NOW!

Thank you for considering a gift of support through your car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, or RV donation.

Donated money stays right here in our diocese, and we use the proceeds to help those in need.

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