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The Manual calls us to remember that Vincentian Spirituality involves both prayer and action. 

Ministry of the Conference

Ministry is the bridge that connects the Gospel to the needs of God’s people. Through ministry we share with others a glimpse of Jesus, and therefore, the ministry of a Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to bring concrete aid and the comfort of the Gospel to those who are poor and suffering. This loving service, in turn, brings each member closer to God. This ministry witnesses to the world that Christ and his Gospel message are alive today and being preached through action at the local level. Works on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are poor are the most vivid expression of Christ’s presence in the world.

Vincentians engage in many types of ministry. The specific ministry of the Conference belongs not only to the Society, but to all Christian people.

If the Conference is parish-based, everyone living in the parish neighborhood should be served, whether they are parishioners or not, since all are joined together through the realities of creation and redemption. The Conference recognizes its responsibility toward all its neighbors as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Vincentians find inspiration in Christ’s life of service to others. St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam captured this spirit and made it part of their lives and works. This is the heritage transmitted to all Vincentians.
Ministry of the Conference Manual 2.1

The Rule (Part II, Statute 4) requires that a Commissioning of new members take place at an appropriate time and occasion, after they have gained experience in the Society. Also, it reminds all members to have an Annual Commitment Ceremony, in order to renew their promise of service to the members and to the poor, thereby deepening the spiritual dimension of their vocation. The usual occasions for commissioning and renewal are Conference and Council liturgies, festival day celebrations for St. Vincent and/or Blessed Frederic in September, and Ozanam Sundays in April. Procedures for Admitting Members Manual 2.1


Annual Commitment Ceremony for all Members (Word)

Annual Commitment Ceremony for all Members (PDF)

Commissioning Ceremony New Member Installation (Word)

Commissioning Ceremony New Member Installation (PDF)

Commissioning Ceremony Associate Member Installation (Word)

Commissioning Ceremony Associate Member Installation (PDF)

Commissioning Ceremony New Conference President Installation (Word)

Commissioning Ceremony New Conference President Installation (PDF)