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The Society’s Voice of the Poor ministry invites us to ponder long-term solutions and welcomes our emphasis on both charity and justice.  As a ministry that aspires to create sustainable social justice improvements, our Voice of the Poor ministry exists to create a vehicle through which we, as Vincentians, can come together to share stories and identify common problems that highlight the need for Vincentian advocacy.  The Diocesan Council hopes to educate Vincentians on pertinent policy issues and effective advocacy methods, foster collaboration among local conferences, and spearhead advocacy efforts that fight the unjust social policies that burden our communities’ poor.

Though this may seem to be a lofty goal for our Voice of the Poor committee, we feel like it is good to have big dreams.  Both St. Vincent and Frédéric Ozanam encourage us to use our Vincentian spirituality to pursue a more just world, and in following their direction, we hope to start planting the seeds of justice here in Austin.