You can help the poor in Central Texas.

Last year, the Society in the Diocese of Austin helped more than 160,000 with $4.6 million dollars of direct aid. That's more than 430 people helped every single day! In our diocese, Vincentians visit the homes of 30 families every single day, 365 days per year.

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Memorial Day Floods Disaster Response

2015 Memorial Day Floods Disaster Response Update Across the Diocese, the SSVDP Conferences are a part of the the Catholic disaster response, together with Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Austin.  We are a part of the Bishop’s Disaster Relief Team, and again part of the Unified Catholic Response to this disaster, just like we were in Bastrop, in West,… Read more →

SVdP featured at AustinNext on June 3!

Interested in the newest trends in social innovation? Want to find out how Austin is tackling big community problems? What about expanding your network and connecting with other mission-driven leaders? Then you should be at Greenlights’ AustinNext event! On June 3, 200+ nonprofit leaders, mission-driven businesses, engaged citizens and government officials will be gathering for a hands-on, hyper-local discussion on… Read more →

May 1 – Dr. Donna Beegle’s Corner

Dr. Donna Beegle talks about children in poverty being placed in special education classes     “Students from poverty are often placed in special-education classes.  If they do not know words or concepts, assumptions are made that they are unable to know them-often equating knowing the meaning of a word of subject with intelligence.  This happens far too often to… Read more →

April 24 – Dr. Donna Beegle’s Corner

Not only are we hosting the South Central Region meeting with Donna Beegle, but she will be staying with us for the week to present to multiple organizations throughout Central Texas about poverty and ways we can work in tandem and collaboration to shift our focus and our successes.  We are so excited about the possibilities! Registration is now open… Read more →

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